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How to build a trading bank risk free.


Every week I talk to potential traders who all ask the same question; ‘How much do I need to start?’

That answer will be different for everyone depending on how much they are looking to make and also how disciplined they will be when following a trading system. You can’t start with £50 if you’re hoping to make £1000 a month right from the start. It also depends on how much time you’re willing to put in to your trading.

I would always suggest that you start with a trading bank of at least £1000 but if you’re new to football trading and just want to learn the ropes before you look to make a potential second or supplementary income then you can get started with as little as £200.

Before you read any more, if you can’t afford to invest £200 into your trading account right now then you shouldn’t be trading. Football trading isn’t a get rich quick formula and if you ever see anything offering you a system that says differently, DON’T TOUCH IT WITH A BARGE POLE!

However, trading can be a great way to create a second income stream, build a little nest egg or indeed even just a side hobby that earns you money instead of costing you money!

The point of this article though is to explain how Matched betting can help you create a decent trading bank before you even begin actually trading. Again, this isn’t over night but in the space of 4 to 8 weeks you can realistically turn £500 into £2000 without any risk thanks to combining Betfair and online Bookmakers, more specifically the bonuses available via online bookmakers.

I’ll try and keep this as simple as I can with odds rounded up or down in examples to make the maths easier to understand.

As you may or may not know, nearly all bookmakers have some form of sign-up offer when you register and deposit money with them. This is usually in the form of a deposit bonus or what they call a free bet. Of course you can’t simply deposit £50, then when they give you a bonus £50 withdraw the £100 that’s there. Each bookmaker has their own requirement of usually using the stake at least twice but in some cases they can want you to use that money up to ten times. This is of course because most people that bet will eventually lose even if they win the first or first couple of times. But fear not! You will apply cross platform trades in order to cover your bookmaker bet and be able to take out the bonus that they gave you.

Betfair free bet

Betfair free bet

Betfair free bet


When people overhear other traders talking or stumble across screen shots, they often search for how to get the Betfair free bet. Unfortunately, this can often refer to one of many things.

Firstly, I’ll explain how people often have a screen shot with no liability anywhere and what looks like they have a ‘free bet’ on the winning team. This is easy to explain, let’s say Manchester City are at home to Norwich. Before kick off Man City have odds of 1.4 to win. You place a back bet of £50 on Man City to win. 25 minutes into the game Man city score and the game goes 1-0. The odds of Man city to win now drop to 1.05. By placing a new lay bet on Man city at the lower odds you have now taken your original £50 bet back, leaving you with a free bet of £17.50 on Man City to win.

The second option is maybe you’re looking for a voucher code in order to get an initial signup bonus when you join Betfair? If that’s the case just search for Betfair voucher code or click on the HELP button in the menu at the top of the page.

The third option, of course, is if you’re looking at how you can use the Betfair exchange to lay off a bonus from a bookmaker you’ve received. If that sentence confuses you, or if indeed that’s what you’re looking for, then you should read the article on Matched betting and how to build a trading bank risk-free.

Correct Score Trading on Betfair

Correct score trading on betfair

Correct score trading on betfair

Correct score trading can be one of the most lucrative or one of the most destructive markets to trade. I would say that it’s not for the novice and should only be further investigated when you have developed an understanding of how the market reacts when a goal is scored.

With that said, the correct score market is one of the most exciting markets to trade and often leads to profits which are many multiples of any initial stake.

As with any market, it’s important that you understand the conditions that surround it and how the market moves when there is or isn’t a goal.

The correct score market has many different strategies that can be applied to it and they can all vary in liability and exposure and of course potential profit.

One of the reasons many traders like this market is because for most strategies you don’t have a massive liability because you’re backing a score to start off the trade, this means your liability is limited to your stake, or if backing several scores, the value of all back bets. There’s no massive liability that you often have if your entry bet is a lay as is often the case on many other Belfair markets.

One of my favourite strategies is to start with four different scores covered with a view to trading out for a guaranteed profit after 2 goals. But before we even get to covering scores it’s important to find the right game to apply the trade to. This is usually done by looking at head to head stats, team form, which competition the game is being played in (Premier League, FA Cup etc) and of course any injuries.

The correct score market offers the advantage of making very large profits when a trade goes the right way, but you also have to be prepared to take a small loss on this market at times as it’s impossible to know the final score of any game until it’s over.

With the right system, the correct use of your trading bank and the right mind-set this is often the professional traders preferred market and one that excites many new traders when they see the possibilities. As with every market, it’s extremely to have a system that you can clearly and easily follow and doesn’t ever leave you in a position where you don’t know what to do.

With all that said, correct score trading is my preferred market and remains my most profitable to date.

Lay the draw trade out methods.

lay the draw

lay the draw

Lay the draw trade out methods.

Lay the draw is one of the most popular market entry points in football trading.

I’m sure that you probably think you know that system already? Well I’m going to say that you probably don’t!

You see, laying the draw isn’t a system at all. It’s simply a market entry method.

The trouble in this day and age is many people, maybe even yourself will have had a search on the internet for a football trading system and come across a free download somewhere or maybe even read in a forum about trading the draw, with lots of people stating that it doesn’t work anymore and it’s out of date etc. This is usually based on the same information they’ve also read from doing the exact same search a few months before. Do you see the problem?

Lots of people don’t talk from experience, only what other people have experienced. As is often the case these days, it’s actually what someone experienced ten years ago on something that they downloaded for free and wasn’t even a system at all, then someone has read their thoughts, then someone has read the last person’s opinion and before you realise it, you’re reading an opinion that has passed through ten people’s ‘review’ without 9 of them even really knowing what they’re talking about.

So, what’s a system for laying the draw? Well a system is something that offers you exact rules, stats and boundaries as to when you should make a trade that starts with a lay of the draw market. Placing a lay on the draw means that you are willing to take someone else’s bet that they believe the game will end as a draw. You usually do this before or at kick off, however there are different systems (that you’ll find in the LAB) that have entry points at other times during a game.

The simple way to explain this method of trading is that let’s say Chelsea are playing Sunderland at home. You can lay the draw before kick off and place a lay of £10, if Chelsea score the first goal the odds on the draw market will rise, you then back the draw at the higher odds with between £4 to £6 in order to cover the liability from your £10 lay, you then keep the difference.

In the draw market there can be different entry criteria, different timings on trading out and even different trade out methods.

Now many people would actually see the above as a ‘system’ but I can assure you that it isn’t!

A genuine lay the draw trading system will give you the exact conditions, timing and odds to place your lay to enter the trade but will then offer your clear instructions on when and how to trade out if the game goes as expected but a genuine system will also give you clear instructions on what to do if the game goes other than you expect (as in the above example, if Sunderland score first).

Any genuine trading system for any market should always offer you the complete solution and set of rules and steps so that there is never a point that you’re unsure of what to do.

If you’re looking for a true system that includes trade out methods then you should take a look at what our LAB members get.

Benefits of football trading

Trading betfair for a living

Trading betfair for a living


Trading football markets offers many benefits over forex and financial trading.

Let’s start with information or research. If you are trading the share price on HSBC for example, you would buy it when you believe that the share price is set to go up due to good news, higher profit expectations on the quarter etc, the trouble is any information that you can read, watch or listen to is considerably delayed in reaching you when compared to the speed at which full time market traders, hedge funds and analysts have had that information, so you’re already at a disadvantage before you even begin.

The other downfall of financial day trading is that you need to be in front of your screen or trading terminal all day until either your trade out target has been met or your stop loss kicks in.

This can mean long days and of course if a share price plummets, it may pass right through your stop loss leaving you at a substantial loss.

If you look at the football markets with the same view as a share price you will have access to the same statistics and form as anyone one else, your information reaches you in real time, there are no delays, no disadvantage and of course during the game you’ll see or be alerted to a goal at the same time as anyone else.

The second plus of Football trading is that it is only a 90 minute trading window, you don’t have to be sat at your computer all day or keep an eye on the news for anything that may cause a drop in a share price. It’s basically a 90 minute stock market with all information reaching you at the same time as anyone else.

The third reason why the football markets are far simpler to master than financial ones is that if a share price drops you have no idea where it will stop, bad news may keep coming and the price may keep dropping. Whereas with football, the prices only change with certain events like a goal or a sending off. This means that a market will never bottom out and the markets are predictable even before kick off as no team can score three goals in one shot, they can only score one at a time (no matter how close together they come) this always gives you an option with your trade rather than sitting there hoping for a share price to stop falling.

Football trading, what is it?

what is football trading?

what is football trading?

What is Football Trading?

Football trading is a method of trading that involves backing and laying off several markets relating to a certain football game.

This can sound overly complicated at first, but don’t worry, it’s not.

You see before betting exchanges like Betfair came along, the only way that someone could make money from football betting was by either placing a bet on a winner or of course by being a bookmaker and always having an edge.

With betting exchanges, you now have the ability to back an outcome (state that an outcome will happen) but you can also lay an outcome (state that something won’t happen).

Or you can look at it another way, you can be the bookmaker and take other people’s bets by placing a lay bet, then when things are more in your favour, you can place a back bet for a smaller amount than your earlier lay bet, then keep the difference.

That is of course just one example, each market is traded in a different way.  How you would approach trading correct scores is the complete opposite of the approach you’d use on the match odds. Then, of course, you have the over & under goal markets and the approach to the over / under 2.5 goals market is very different to the over / under 4.5 goals market.

Football trading is like any other type of trading, be it financial markets, forex, cars or houses. It is simply buying for one price and when the price or market moves in your favour you can then sell and make a profit.

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