How to build a trading bank risk free.


Every week I talk to potential traders who all ask the same question; ‘How much do I need to start?’

That answer will be different for everyone depending on how much they are looking to make and also how disciplined they will be when following a trading system. You can’t start with £50 if you’re hoping to make £1000 a month right from the start. It also depends on how much time you’re willing to put in to your trading.

I would always suggest that you start with a trading bank of at least £1000 but if you’re new to football trading and just want to learn the ropes before you look to make a potential second or supplementary income then you can get started with as little as £200.

Before you read any more, if you can’t afford to invest £200 into your trading account right now then you shouldn’t be trading. Football trading isn’t a get rich quick formula and if you ever see anything offering you a system that says differently, DON’T TOUCH IT WITH A BARGE POLE!

However, trading can be a great way to create a second income stream, build a little nest egg or indeed even just a side hobby that earns you money instead of costing you money!

The point of this article though is to explain how Matched betting can help you create a decent trading bank before you even begin actually trading. Again, this isn’t over night but in the space of 4 to 8 weeks you can realistically turn £500 into £2000 without any risk thanks to combining Betfair and online Bookmakers, more specifically the bonuses available via online bookmakers.

I’ll try and keep this as simple as I can with odds rounded up or down in examples to make the maths easier to understand.

As you may or may not know, nearly all bookmakers have some form of sign-up offer when you register and deposit money with them. This is usually in the form of a deposit bonus or what they call a free bet. Of course you can’t simply deposit £50, then when they give you a bonus £50 withdraw the £100 that’s there. Each bookmaker has their own requirement of usually using the stake at least twice but in some cases they can want you to use that money up to ten times. This is of course because most people that bet will eventually lose even if they win the first or first couple of times. But fear not! You will apply cross platform trades in order to cover your bookmaker bet and be able to take out the bonus that they gave you.

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