Correct Score Trading on Betfair

Correct score trading on betfair

Correct score trading on betfair

Correct score trading can be one of the most lucrative or one of the most destructive markets to trade. I would say that it’s not for the novice and should only be further investigated when you have developed an understanding of how the market reacts when a goal is scored.

With that said, the correct score market is one of the most exciting markets to trade and often leads to profits which are many multiples of any initial stake.

As with any market, it’s important that you understand the conditions that surround it and how the market moves when there is or isn’t a goal.

The correct score market has many different strategies that can be applied to it and they can all vary in liability and exposure and of course potential profit.

One of the reasons many traders like this market is because for most strategies you don’t have a massive liability because you’re backing a score to start off the trade, this means your liability is limited to your stake, or if backing several scores, the value of all back bets. There’s no massive liability that you often have if your entry bet is a lay as is often the case on many other Belfair markets.

One of my favourite strategies is to start with four different scores covered with a view to trading out for a guaranteed profit after 2 goals. But before we even get to covering scores it’s important to find the right game to apply the trade to. This is usually done by looking at head to head stats, team form, which competition the game is being played in (Premier League, FA Cup etc) and of course any injuries.

The correct score market offers the advantage of making very large profits when a trade goes the right way, but you also have to be prepared to take a small loss on this market at times as it’s impossible to know the final score of any game until it’s over.

With the right system, the correct use of your trading bank and the right mind-set this is often the professional traders preferred market and one that excites many new traders when they see the possibilities. As with every market, it’s extremely to have a system that you can clearly and easily follow and doesn’t ever leave you in a position where you don’t know what to do.

With all that said, correct score trading is my preferred market and remains my most profitable to date.

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