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Benefits of football trading

Trading betfair for a living

Trading betfair for a living


Trading football markets offers many benefits over forex and financial trading.

Let’s start with information or research. If you are trading the share price on HSBC for example, you would buy it when you believe that the share price is set to go up due to good news, higher profit expectations on the quarter etc, the trouble is any information that you can read, watch or listen to is considerably delayed in reaching you when compared to the speed at which full time market traders, hedge funds and analysts have had that information, so you’re already at a disadvantage before you even begin.

The other downfall of financial day trading is that you need to be in front of your screen or trading terminal all day until either your trade out target has been met or your stop loss kicks in.

This can mean long days and of course if a share price plummets, it may pass right through your stop loss leaving you at a substantial loss.

If you look at the football markets with the same view as a share price you will have access to the same statistics and form as anyone one else, your information reaches you in real time, there are no delays, no disadvantage and of course during the game you’ll see or be alerted to a goal at the same time as anyone else.

The second plus of Football trading is that it is only a 90 minute trading window, you don’t have to be sat at your computer all day or keep an eye on the news for anything that may cause a drop in a share price. It’s basically a 90 minute stock market with all information reaching you at the same time as anyone else.

The third reason why the football markets are far simpler to master than financial ones is that if a share price drops you have no idea where it will stop, bad news may keep coming and the price may keep dropping. Whereas with football, the prices only change with certain events like a goal or a sending off. This means that a market will never bottom out and the markets are predictable even before kick off as no team can score three goals in one shot, they can only score one at a time (no matter how close together they come) this always gives you an option with your trade rather than sitting there hoping for a share price to stop falling.

Football trading, what is it?

what is football trading?

what is football trading?

What is Football Trading?

Football trading is a method of trading that involves backing and laying off several markets relating to a certain football game.

This can sound overly complicated at first, but don’t worry, it’s not.

You see before betting exchanges like Betfair came along, the only way that someone could make money from football betting was by either placing a bet on a winner or of course by being a bookmaker and always having an edge.

With betting exchanges, you now have the ability to back an outcome (state that an outcome will happen) but you can also lay an outcome (state that something won’t happen).

Or you can look at it another way, you can be the bookmaker and take other people’s bets by placing a lay bet, then when things are more in your favour, you can place a back bet for a smaller amount than your earlier lay bet, then keep the difference.

That is of course just one example, each market is traded in a different way.  How you would approach trading correct scores is the complete opposite of the approach you’d use on the match odds. Then, of course, you have the over & under goal markets and the approach to the over / under 2.5 goals market is very different to the over / under 4.5 goals market.

Football trading is like any other type of trading, be it financial markets, forex, cars or houses. It is simply buying for one price and when the price or market moves in your favour you can then sell and make a profit.

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