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Betting points profit figures do not equal performance.


Betting points, do they really tell you what you need to know?


If you are anything like me, then you’ll no doubt receive emails every week with claims about some betting system that is currently working wonders and producing a massive profit.


Usually they make statements such as 88 points profit last month.

If you had used £10 per point that’s £880 profit

If you had used £100 per point that’s £8,800 profit.


Now the above may be completely accurate and I don’t usually have any reason to disagree with the above claims as they are probably correct.


The problem is that at the same time as being accurate, they are most certainly misleading.

You see, there is no universal measuring term or limit to the points.

You may join a service thinking ‘great, I can use £10 per point’ but when you actually receive the details, it tells you that for this form of betting your trading bank should be broken down into 2000 points and that for every bet you need to use 20 points. Do you now see how they are misleading?

For you to follow their rules and use £10 per point you would in fact have to start with £20,000

The numbers don’t always have to be this extreme.

Let’s say that you sign up and you are told that your bank should be split into 500 points and that every bet requires you to use 4 points.

For you to reach that £880 profit, you would be required to start with £5,000 and use £40 per bet.  That sounds a little better, but still, I doubt that when you are reading the message telling you that if you use £10 per point you would have made £880. You weren’t thinking that you’d need £5,000 to do so!

So I will guarantee you that if you get sent a message or visit a website that makes a claim like the above without telling you how many points you need to start and use per bet, it will be similar to what I have demonstrated above.


How can you find something that works along with something that you know you’ll be able to follow?

It’s simple really. Look for percentages!

That’s why the profit figures here are always given in percentages. There’s no hidden facts or traps.

I’m sure that you can work out that when I state by following the advice in the daily email and strategies on site you would have made 63% profit last month that means £630 profit if you started with £1k or £126 profit if you had started with £200

By giving a percentage, there is no getting away from the facts. 

Also, if your system, service or advice provides decent returns, there’s no need to lie!

Have a great day!




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